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  • Restores the natural ion balance, Distributed by Urbanization.
• Cleans Air of Bacteria, Viruses, Pollution, Pollen/Allergen, Dust, Smoke, stale outdoor Etc,
• Increases Oxygen Absorption to Blood and Body Resistance to Infection.
• Reduce Weather Sensitivity, Allergy and Nervous System Problems.
• Improves Metabolisms of important Vitamins C. B1, B2, and PP.
• Controls the Behaviors of Sleep and Induces Deep Sleep by their Influence on the (Rem) sleeping period.
• Relieves Sufferers in Migraine, Depression, Dizziness, Bed wetting, Mental Problems.
• Control Problem Associated with cardiac function and hypertension.
• Reduces Problems of Asthma, Brounchitis, Heyfever (Sneezing, Rhinorrhea, Swelling of nasal Mucosa, Eye inching & Lacrimation), Catarrh.
• Releves in Problems of Ear and Eye (Strain, Conjuctivities, Belpharitis etc.)
• Acts as a very good nasal decongestant.
• Heals Wound (Burn, Injury, Post Operative, Infected) Very Fast, Better than Medicine.
• Acts as an Antibiotic Both for External and Internal use.
• Provides fast recovery after a stroke (Like cardiac, Hypertensions, Jaundice) Bilirubin Reduction is very fast.
• Acts as a natural Antihistamines & Antiserotonin.
• Useful in cough, Cold & Throat Problems, Reduces Viscosity of Mucus (PHLEGM) and moves them out easily.
• Improves sex life.
• Useful as Natal Care, Post Delivery, Recovery and Reduces Complication of Premature Delivery, Enhances Mother’s Milk Secretion.
• Eliminates Positive ion Poisoning (Headache, Nausea, Dizziness, …………), Skin and hair Burn Due to T.V. Computer Screen Radiation.

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